About Us

GenRise is a financial education platform that provides web content, tools and resources that help individuals become financially empowered. 

What Really Matters


GenRise CEO, Robby Thomas, is a transformational leader who has served in the banking and economic development arena for over two decades.

Working in both the private and non-profit sectors, Robby has used his business and banking expertise to help transform businesses, organizations and communities.

Robby's professional experience includes serving as a Bank Officer, Adjunct Instructor, Business and Non-Profit Leader, Entrepreneur, Financial Literacy Trainer, Radio Personality as well as a Writer and Public Speaker.

More Than Just Crunching Numbers

Our leader has often been described as a renaissance man. His creativity, passion, and skills to serve and educate have been a hallmark of his leadership. Mr. Thomas currently serves as Chairman of the Las Vegas Black Business Chamber of Commerce. He formerly served as Chairman and President of the Greater Grove Hall Main Streets, Inc., a City of Boston-funded economic development program designed to stimulate the local economy by engaging local businesses and community stakeholders.

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GenRise, LLC relies on the strength of over 50 years of combined experience in the financial services and community development fields. We are dedicated to the communities we serve and believe that a person's legacy should be inclusive of financial well-being for oneself, one's family and ultimately one's community.
GenRise CEO, Robby Thomas has been a featured personality on KCEP Power 88.1FM, Las Vegas. He serves as a CFO for the Media Platform and Podcast, "Hip Hop Meets Politics." The platform features a broad array of influencers discussing today's relevant issues as seen through the lenses of hip hop culture.


"...I went from having an unclear vision of what to do with my brand (now estimated at a $3M value in the entertainment industry, due to Robby's counsel) to moving with a flow in the marketplace. This was no small feat. I was at a point in my life where the cost of living, life's unforeseen setbacks, and the daily grind of making the dollar make sense was all happening at the same time."

Wyatt Jackson

Emmy Award winner, Performing Artist and Business Owner